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Curl Magazine from AU$45.00

Curl Magazine   from AU$45.00

A new Era in surf publications-Australia gets its own female surf magazine! For almost two years Curl Magazine has blossomed in New Zealand and around the world. In conjunction with the rise of womens surfing Curl Magazine has continued to grow and run parallel with this exciting development. The success in New Zealand has been phenomenal and Curl Magazine is now to be launched in one of the worlds major surfing environments AUSTRALIA. Not as a reproduction of Curl NZ but as complete stand-alone unique Australian addition, featuring Australian surfers, Australian competitions, profiles, destinations simply whatever is relevant to the unique Australian female reader....

Dive Log Australasia Magazine from AU$50.00

Dive Log Australasia Magazine   from AU$50.00

Australias free-to-divers monthly magazine available through diveretailers or by subscription for postage costs only to local and overseas divers.90 entertaining pages containing local dive news, gear, destination reports from the Pacific, Indo-Pacific, Asia, Indian Ocean, and more....


Dive Pacific Magazine from AU$92.00

Dive Pacific Magazine   from AU$92.00

Dive Pacific is a bimonthly, full colour, glossy magazine that is recognized as The Pacifics Most Informative Dive Publication. The magazine is approaching its 17th year.Each issue covers a vast range of diving topics to entertain and inform divers and non-divers alike. Regular features include: Diving medicine; technical, wreck and commercial diving; free diving - spearfishing; dive equipment - training; fishing; photography; environmental issues; accident reports; boat tests; competitions; industry, local and international news; views, opinions and controversy. Dive travel features about world class diving destinations plus those that are off the regular tourist circuit.The editor, Dave Moran is highly respected and is regularly contacted by media organisations for comment on events and issues. His editorials often generate controversy and discussion through letters to the editor....

Kite Mag Magazine from AU$31.80

Kite Mag Magazine   from AU$31.80

Kite Mag is the ultimate thrill seekers magazine, an adrenaline- fuelled mag for Australias thriving kite surfing community. We feature exclusive interviews and amazing photography with kite surfings biggest stars.As well as the very best in the sport, Kite Mag also provides complete beginners guides and features health and fitness guides. We also review the latest equipment, gadgets and best places to holiday. This is the one magazine that has it all.When you subscribe to Kite Mag, you also get Sup Mag free (within Kite Mag), which is Australias No.1 magazine for Stand Up Paddle community. Stand Up Paddle is the fastest growing water sport in the world and thousands of Australians are taking it up instead of joining the gym so they can exercise while having fun on the water. It is also the perfect sport for kite surfers to enjoy when the wind is down....

Riptide Bodyboarding Magazine from AU$50.00

Riptide Bodyboarding Magazine   from AU$50.00

The perfect gift for anyone interested in bodyboarding.Riptide is regarded without question as the worlds most authoritative and popular bodyboard magazine. Written for all ages, subscribing to Riptide Bodyboard Mag means that no matter what happens, you`ll always have your fix of the industry and sporting legends!REASONS TO SUBSCRIBE - RENEW:*Never miss an issue*FREE POSTAGE - Delivered to your door *Exclusive DVD`s and BONUS covermounts includedPics and content from around the world*The first to know about upcoming features*Exclusive competitions - offers for subscribers onlyRiptide Bodyboard Mag is published six times a year (bi-monthly)....

Sportdiving Magazine from AU$46.00

Sportdiving Magazine   from AU$46.00

Australias premier dive magazine. 40 years in print, one of the longest running dive titles in the world.108 pages full colour, special features from actual divers and internationally renowned photojournalists. Destination reports on the Pacific, Indo-Pacific, Asia, Indian Ocean, and more....

Stab Magazine from AU$60.00

Stab Magazine   from AU$60.00

Stab is really Australia`s leading surfing magazine with virtually no credibility at all. But the people like! The people love! Hot pics of the best surfers doing their awesome. The most in depth profiles on every surf personality. Enjoy! Laugh because surfing is just so fun!...

Stand Up Paddle Mag Magazine from AU$31.80

Stand Up Paddle Mag Magazine   from AU$31.80

If you`d rather paddle down a river or surf your local break than read about some dork babble about his barrel and how drunk he got last night then you are suited to Sup Mag. Stand Up Paddle Mag is all about the fastest growing water sport in the world.Anyone can Sup and the benefits doing it come with a six pack because sup combines aerobics and Pilates workouts to strengthen your core and improve fitness.All the stars are doing it: Pierce Brosnan, Jennifer Aniston and world surfing greats such as Tom Carroll and Layne Beachley.Get all the latest views and reviews and see some of the best photos in the world from exotic locations and those not so far from home.When you subscribe to Sup Mag, you also get Kite Mag free (within Sup Mag), which is Australias No.1 magazine for kite surfers. The transition from Stand up Paddle to kite surfing is very natural. Kite surfing is the perfect sport for Stand Up Paddlers to enjoy when the wind picks up....

Surfing Life Magazine from AU$103.95

Surfing Life Magazine   from AU$103.95

The perfect gift for men and women of all ages.At a minimum of 124 pages, with high production values, the best imagery, insights from the worlds best surf scribes, often covermounted with a DVD and the only Australian surf mag with a complete digital presence, theres no doubt why Surfing Life has been at the forefront of surf media for over two decades. Surfing Life IS Australia`s dedicated surfing magazine and MADE FROM SURFING.With an obsessive commitment to photo and design and a knowledgeable and humourous commentary, we cover what`s important in all aspects of surfing.With a growing international presence, Surfing Life`s commitment to excellence is supported by a diverse and experienced team who live and breathe this industry.Published 12 times a year, your subscription will include our exclusive DVD`s, Travel Bible, Wetsuit Guide, Board Bible, posters and more.Don`t miss an issue, subscribe today....

Surfing World Magazine from AU$99.95

Surfing World Magazine   from AU$99.95

Surfing World Magazine is an Australian legend.Since 1962 we have endeavored to present and treat surfers, surfing and the ocean with substance, relevance and respect. Each issue we deliver the stories, the characters, the travel, the culture and the epic backyard sessions to create an experience second only to paddling out.Thought provoking, intelligent, spiritual, energetic and hilarious, the entire gamut of emotions and feelings associated with our long and remarkable coastal culture is represented in its pages.If you love to surf, then Surfing World is your magazine....

Tracks Magazine from AU$109.00

Tracks Magazine   from AU$109.00

Tracks is Australia`s leading Surfing magazine with 40 years of credibility. Every month it takes you to the most exotic surfing locations, fills you in on what`s happening on the pro-circuit and at your local beaches. Tracks is the surfer`s bible..A Tracks subscription comprises of 12 issues of Tracks and 1 Tracks Annual per year....

Union Wakeboarder Magazine from AU$29.95

Union Wakeboarder Magazine   from AU$29.95

Wakeboarding is a sport, a passion, a community - a life. And, Union Wakeboarder Magazine is committed to those who call, wakeboarding theirs by reflecting and portraying the sport in a, modern light. From lifestyle pieces, to traveling around the globe, Union Wakeboarders focus is on the nature and culture of, wakeboarding as a professional lifestyle. Having seen the sport, move from its impressionable beginnings through to having, strong enough in identity to stand alongside its established, boardsport Cousins; surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding....