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Australasian Science Magazine from AU$79.00

Australasian Science Magazine   from AU$79.00

Get your science news straight from the source. No hype, no spin, no bull: just the facts.Australias most inspiring scientists write about their amazing discoveries in Australasian Science, Australias only monthly science magazine. Australasian Science has been Australia`s authority on science since 1938, providing a unique local perspective on scientific developments and issues that other science magazines cant match. With regular columns on astronomy, psychology, health, conservation, politics, bioethics, skepticism and more, Australasian Science is a unique and independent source of news and commentary on a broad range of scientific developments....

Australian Geographic Outdoor Magazine from AU$49.00

Australian Geographic Outdoor Magazine   from AU$49.00

At Australian Geographic Outdoor, we enjoy being your source of inspiring Australian and international adventure travel and lifestyle. We give you a look into the best destinations and adventure that nature has on offer, along with the skills, information and gear that you need to get you out there....


Cosmos Magazine from AU$59.00

Cosmos Magazine   from AU$59.00

COSMOS is a science magazine that is engaging and accessible, with lush photography, stylish design and excellent articles by some of the best writers from around the world.It explores the big questions of our age: from climate change to robotics, from how the brain works to why stars shine. The winner of 45 Australian and international awards, it is backed by an editorial board that includes Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin and ABC broadcaster Robyn Williams. THIS ISSUE: Tracking our digital trails via our smartphones, Internet use and shopping habits reveal a wealth of information about todays trends and those to come allowing decision makers to predict our health, wealth and even our tendency to crime. Heres how youll benefit from the new digital future. Plus, Steven Pinker on the end of violence and the new psychology of peace. We also look at the massive evolutionary leap in whale size, and dont miss our 8-page postgraduate survival special....

Issues Magazine from AU$40.00

Issues Magazine   from AU$40.00

Each quarterly edition is devoted to a single environmental or scientific issue, providing extensive background information and opinions drawn from a variety of perspectives. Nowhere else can topics like critical thinking, bioethics, indigenous health, alternative medicine, science vs spirituality, mental health, biofuels, water resources, nuclear energy, sustainable cities, emerging diseases, stem cells, GM foods, greenhouse gas abatement, gene patenting, toxic waste, food security and the effects of new technology on privacy be discussed and debated in such depth in one convenient compendium....

New Scientist Magazine from AU$309.00

New Scientist Magazine   from AU$309.00

Discover the big ideas from all areas of science and technology.New Scientist is the worlds leading science and technology weekly, covering the latest news, issues and opinions that shape our world and advance our understanding of it.With regular special editions dedicated to topics such as the universe, the human body, reality, the self, life, memory and more, New Scientist explores all you need to know about the changing world around youPlease allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of first issue....

Science Illustrated Magazine from AU$44.95

Science Illustrated Magazine   from AU$44.95

Science Illustrated is one of the most authoritative, most accessible and most expansive magazines about science and the natural world.Science Illustrated is the magazine for intellectually curious men and women with a passion for science and discovery and adventure and a desire to share that passion with their families.Every bi-monthly issue is an upbeat, optimistic, visually spectacular gateway to the world of cutting-edge science and discovery, covering an astonishing range of subjects, from the beginning of life to the breathtaking technology of the future and from the depth of the oceans to the most distant objects in the universe.Entertaining, educational and breathtakingly visual - Science and Discovery has never looked this good!...

The Helix Magazine from AU$33.00

The Helix Magazine   from AU$33.00

Perfect for switched-on kids aged 10 and up! This CSIRO publication includes science and technology news, views and ideas, plus plenty of competitions, puzzles and exciting hands-on activities to do at home. The Helix spans the sciences from astronomy and the environment to entomology and new technology. Free Teachers Guides are available online its great for the classroom too!Younger readers should check out the sister publication Scientriffic - click hereSubscription benefits include: * The Helix delivered to your door every two months * Fantastic Double Helix events run by CSIRO Education across Australia * Optional Science by Email and Maths by Email newsletters with even more fun activities and news * Discounts at CSIRO Educations online shop and at Double Helix holiday programs * Exclusive deals and discounts at participating CSIRO science sites. Subscribe now and enjoy all the benefits of being a member of the Double Helix Science Club....