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Australian Photography + Digital Magazine from AU$68.00

Australian Photography + Digital Magazine   from AU$68.00

Australian Photography + Digital magazine is your one stop shop for all things photography, designed to inform you, improve your skills and most importantly inspire you. Each issue brings to you a broad range of products across the photography and digital landscape, a strong focus on equipment, in-depth product news and reviews and extensive category comparisons.Along with this our interactive and dynamic columns such as Image Doctor, where your shots go under the microscope plus our great competitions and prizes give you a jam packed photography frenzy with all the tools you need to be a better photographer whether you`re just starting out, or already an advanced photographer....

Capture Magazine from AU$45.00

Capture Magazine   from AU$45.00

Capture is Australia`s top selling professional photography magazine. The bi-monthly publication covers all facets of the photography industry and in particular practical issues such as marketing, training, pricing, financial and rights management. Capture`s mission is to help pro photograhers grow their business and develop their career. It aims to inspire by showing successful photographers at work and inform by keeping them in touch with the latest techniques and equipment....


Papier Mache Magazine from AU$19.91

Papier Mache Magazine   from AU$19.91

Papier maches aims to showcase artists, photographers, designers, illustrators, writers, inventors, creators, kids, dreamers, doers and magicians. It is produced by The Convenience Store in Sydney, helped by an assortment of stylists, photographers and writers bound by a quest for creativity and originality....

Photo Review Australia Magazine from AU$39.00

Photo Review Australia Magazine   from AU$39.00

Inspiring photography, practical tips and useful information for photographers at all levels.Easy to follow advice on everything from buying the right camera gear through to shooting, editing, printing and organising your photos.The Inspiration section features high quality images and insight into how the best photographers create their photos.Photo Review is superbly designed with high production values, has a format 25% larger than A4, and is printed with ISO 14001 Environmental Accreditation.All subscribers receive access to additional content on the Photo Review website."Photo Review is inspiring and informative" - The Age...

Post Capture Pocket Guide Magazine from AU$19.95

Post Capture Pocket Guide Magazine   from AU$19.95

Post-Capture Pocket Guide shows you the easiest and most reliable ways to optimise and display your best digital photos. Whether you want some basic editing tips for quick adjustments, or more advanced tools and processes for creative effects, this book provides the answers. Youll learn how the most frequently-used editing processes can help you to create images that will look good both in print and on screen. Theres advice on selecting the most appropriate software and hardware, and step by step tutorials on the best ways to bring your digital photos to life.Chapters: 1. Basic Editing Functions2. Brightness and Contrast Adjustments3. Colour Adjustments4. Filters and Effects5. Retouching Tools6. Printer Choices7. Inks, Papers and Other Media8. Print Durability9. Preparing to Print10. Displaying and Sharing Digital PhotosPocket Guide Combination Offers:Post Capture Pocket Guide is available to buy individually OR:Combination 1: with Digital SLR Pocket Guide 2nd Edition.Please make your selection from the options below....

Prophoto Magazine from AU$69.00

Prophoto Magazine   from AU$69.00

ProPhoto is the professional photographers trusted resource in a world of rapidly changing digital imaging and multi-media technologies.Every issue features stunning portfolios, equipment evaluations, exhibition details, photographer profiles, advanced techniques and product guides.Edited by Paul Burrows with contributions from industry professionals, ProPhoto plays an important role in keeping the working photographer educated on industry developments through independent and informed editorial....

Silvershotz Magazine from AU$99.00

Silvershotz Magazine   from AU$99.00

BUY A PIECE OF HISTORY.Volume 8, Editions 1 to 6. You receive Volume 8 Editions 1 to 4 immediately and then Edition 5 and 6 later this year. This is the last printed volume and will become a treasured collector`s item . The interactive magazine goes live in late in 2013.Silvershotz inspires readers with folios from leading contemporary art photographers from around the world. Folios range from landscapes to abstract, social documentary to still life.Be informed with in-depth articles on conservation techniques and the construction of images.News on gallery openings, photo exhibitions, trade fairs, auction reports and book reviews.This one hundred page collector`s journal has less than 6 pages of advertising and printed on heavy art stock....