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Animania Magazine from AU$25.00

Animania Magazine   from AU$25.00

RSPCAs Animania magazine is filled with information about animals from A to Zany: pet care advice from RSPCA staff and veterinarians, mini posters, creature features and animal rescue stories. Kids have fun while learning about animals! There are also loads of awesome prizes to win in each issue as kids brains and comprehension skills are tested with age appropriate puzzles and quizzes, and readers are encouraged to send in their drawings, letters and photos to receive a special gift.All this for only $25 for four issues! Plus, proceeds from the sales of Animania Magazine goes towards the good work of the RSPCA! Animania Magazine is a quarterly publication, please allow up to ten to twelve weeks for your first delivery. Animania is normally printed and distributed in March, June, September and December....

Crikey! Magazine from AU$25.95

Crikey! Magazine   from AU$25.95

Get your free child`s pass inside this issue featuring exclusive pics and news about the premiere of Return to Nim`s Island at Australia Zoo. Meet our new baby rhino Mango, read an extract from Robert`s first book and learn about NZ`s rare kakapo parrot. Prizes, poster and fun!...


Disney Magazine from AU$59.00

Disney Magazine   from AU$59.00

Disney Magazine is a family-friendly read thats packed with all things Disney! We`re the authority on the new must-see movies and the much-loved classics, too! With stacks of puzzles, quizzes, comics, posters and giveaways, we`ve got something for everyone to enjoy. With Disney Magazine, your dreams really do come true! Every issue comes with FREE gifts too!...

Dmag Magazine from AU$59.00

Dmag Magazine   from AU$59.00

DMAG is an awesome mag for kids aged 7-12! Its packed full of everything they love including all the best movies and TV shows, gaming gossip and loads of competitions. This fabulous magazine is also on the NSW Premiers Reading Challenge book list and will inspire and engage readers with its comics, book extracts, science updates and free school project kits. Subscribe today to get hours of fun, discovery and adventure with DMAG! Visit to download your free activity sheets to go with DMAGs project pull-out!Every issue comes with a FREE gift too!...

Historicool Magazine from AU$42.00

Historicool Magazine   from AU$42.00

HistoriCool Magazine is the coolest new magazine for Australian kids, aged 8-14.Covering events from the beginning of time to historic events that happened yesterday, HistoriCool delivers educational information in the form of fun articles, games, quizzes and hands-on activities. With articles that link in with the new Australian Curriculum for History and others that children won`t ever learn in the classroom - the history of the Simpsons, anyone? - HistoriCool aims to spark an interest, even love, of history in all Australian children. HistoriCool is a bi-monthly publication, please allow up to six to eight weeks for your first delivery....

Just Kidding Junior Magazine from AU$19.95

Just Kidding Junior Magazine   from AU$19.95

Just Kidding Junior is Australia`s highest circulating pre-school magazine dedicated to children aged 3-6 years.Our mix of content is fun and interactive and includes leading worldwide brands such as The Wiggles, Thomas and Friends, Bob the Builder, My Little Pony, Fireman Sam, Bananas in Pyjamas, Dora and more. This magazine encourages interaction between parent and child featuring competitions, activities, dedicated parent sections, reviews, stories, posters, interviews and lots more....

Just Kidding Magazine from AU$27.95

Just Kidding Magazine   from AU$27.95

Welcome to Australia`s biggest kids mag for boys and girls aged 7-13 years.Each edition provides the latest on music, video games, movies, toys, books, sports, pets, puzzles, celeb interviews and of course tons of competitions! Just Kidding is also the only youth magazine to ban Junk Food and content of a violent nature meaning safe and happy reading. Being curriculum aligned, Content for Just Kidding is constantly researched with schools across the country to assist in learning development. These features are then provided in a fun and informative environment that kids, teachers and parents enjoy! Subscribe now and check out why Just Kidding is Australia`s highest circulating youth magazine!...

Krash Magazine from AU$59.95

Krash Magazine   from AU$59.95

KRASH is simply the world`s coolest boys` magazine. It`s core of WWE, anime and gaming is surrounded by a world of sport, comics, cars and more to create a magazine environment that will keep any 8-12 year old boy busy for weeks. Get your son reading and away from the TV set with a magazine that is not only fun, but educational. Get excited! Get KRASH! (KRASH is A5 in size)PLEASE NOTE: Subscription copies do not receive promotional cover gifts....

K-zone Magazine from AU$54.00

K-zone Magazine   from AU$54.00

The coolest magazine for kids. Packed with fun and informationK-Zone gives kids the chance to read about topics important to them, to keep up-to-date with all the latest trends hitting the playground. It arms them with the latest gossip on new music, movies, TV shows and games. K-Zone educates, fostering curiosity with information about the world kids live in, and providing them with inspirational activities to fill in rainy afternoons.PLEASE NOTE: There may be instances where k-zone cover gifts may not be sent to subscribers....

Lego Club Magazine from AU$19.95

Lego Club Magazine   from AU$19.95

If you love building with LEGO bricks youll love being member of the LEGO Club! LEGO Club members are the first to know about new LEGO products and the latest news from The LEGO Group!Youll receive four LEGO Club Magazines a year jam packed with action stories and comics, alternative building instructions, mind bending puzzles and fun activities.LEGO Club membership also gives you access to LEGO competitions and surprises, online Club codes for Members Only content, Cool Creations, product reviews and much much more!LEGO Club Magazine is a quarterly publication, please allow up to ten to twelve weeks for your first delivery. Renewal of membership is not required until the member reaches 12 years of age (or yearly if no DOB details have been supplied). No additional payments are required to renew your LEGO Club membership....

Mania Magazine from AU$59.00

Mania Magazine   from AU$59.00

The hottest kids mag in Australia! MANIA is engaging, informative and educational. Kids love reading MANIA to discover the latest news and trends in movies, games, cartoons, music and TV. MANIA also features fun fiction, jokes, pets, comics and sport.Every issue of MANIA is full of interactive competitions, challenging puzzles and interesting and funny stories a package that keeps kids entertained all month long!PLUS every issue comes with FREE gifts!...

Scientriffic Magazine from AU$33.00

Scientriffic Magazine   from AU$33.00

Great for curious kids aged 7 and up! This CSIRO publication includes science news, views and ideas, plus plenty of competitions, puzzles and exciting hands-on activities to do at home. Scientriffic covers all the science thats fit to print - from space and animals to technology and the environment. Free Teachers Guides are available online its great for the classroom too!Older readers should check out sister publication The Helix - Click HereSubscription benefits include: * Scientriffic delivered to your door every two months * Fantastic Double Helix events run by CSIRO Education across Australia * Optional Science by Email and Maths by Email newsletters with even more fun activities and news * Discounts at CSIRO Educations online shop and at Double Helix holiday programs * Exclusive deals and discounts at participating CSIRO science sites. Subscribe today an catapult a child into the world of science....