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18 Karati (italia) Magazine from AU$175.00

18 Karati (italia) Magazine   from AU$175.00

18 KARATI is one of the most important editorial references of one of the strongpoints of Italian exports, the jewellery sector. It has provided jewellery makers, with its images and its contents, valid and prestigious support, contributing to reinforce the leadership position of Italian jewellery in the world economic panorama....

Aesthetica Magazine from AU$121.00

Aesthetica Magazine   from AU$121.00

AESTHETICA engages with the arts both in the UK and internationally, combining dynamic content with compelling critical debate and pushing boundaries while exploring the best in contemporary arts and culture....


Allure (usa) Magazine from AU$214.06

Allure (usa) Magazine   from AU$214.06

ALLURE is the beauty expert from the USA. Every issue is full of celebrity tips and insider secrets from the pros, like what works overnight and what works for a lifetime....

Another Magazine (uk) from AU$76.50

Another Magazine (uk)   from AU$76.50

Invest in a subscription to AnOther Magazine - AnOther Magazine defines the season. AnOther Magazine is already setting the fashion and style agenda for the next six months. There is no other magazine that mixes both men`s and women`s lifestyle and fashion tastes as powerfully as AnOther Magazine. No other magazine gives you such diverse content in each issue of a subscription, alongside such poignant and outstanding fashion photography. Made in both New York and London, the magazine brings the international fashion community closer together, and a subscription to AnOther Magazine brings you closer to the community. The most talented and highly sought-after photographers, stylists, editors and writers in the world collaborate to make each issue in a subscription to AnOther Magazine a landmark issue. AnOther Magazine is the only fashion magazine that influences both the mainstream and the cutting edge, taking an inspiring picture of the world of fashion to the masses. It is luxurious, beautiful, collectable, influential and unforgettable. AnOther Magazine is certainly no ordinary magazine. Why wait? Treat yourself to a subscription to AnOther Magazine today....

Another Man (uk) Magazine from AU$76.50

Another Man (uk) Magazine   from AU$76.50

A subscription to ANOTHER MAN will bring this iconic magazine to your door twice a year.Another Man mixes credible modern icons with art, music, high impact fashion photography and strong opinionated writing by key cultural voices. A magazine for men who like their lifestyle rocked with passion and intelligence, luxury and a sense of adventure. Another Man magazine is Men`s fashion and lifestyle magazine coming with high octane fashion photographs, cultural notes, art, music, luxury and adventure. Another Man magazine is designed for men who make no apologies for enjoying finer things in life. A subscription to Another Man is a real treat for any trendy man. Place a magazine subscription to Another Man magazine today and get your classy fix of everything luxurious....

Antidote Magazine from AU$152.60

Antidote Magazine   from AU$152.60

ANTIDOTE is a bi-annual fashion magazine with an international scope, designed to build a literary and artistic landmark around a specific topic from the world of fashion.ANTIDOTE is a product for any dedicated follower of fashion; a collectors item not to be missed!Antidote Magazine Issue 3: The Icons Issue, features 8 different supermodel covers, each of whom the magazine considers to be `Iconic` in shaping their generation and making a fashion impact....

Book Moda Bambini Magazine from AU$220.00

Book Moda Bambini Magazine   from AU$220.00

The leading Childrens-Baby fashion and Accessories magazine for trade from Italy, read from all top buyers, manufacturers, designers, chain stores, department stores retailers and wholesalers throughout 50 countries worldwide....

Book Moda Magazine from AU$109.10

Book Moda Magazine   from AU$109.10

Book Moda Magazine is aimed to provide useful, punctual and up to date information about the world of fashion. Book Moda Magazine will give a social and cultural approach to fashion for all players in the industry, but also for a high profile target....

Book Moda Uomo Magazine from AU$233.00

Book Moda Uomo Magazine   from AU$233.00

The leading Trade Fashion Magazine on Men`s Fashion and Accessories, published twice yearly, and, being an indispendable season`s trend guide, is read regularly by major fashion buyers, manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, hyper market-department stores and buyers throughout 50 countries worldwide....

Chic Men (us) Magazine from AU$65.35

Chic Men (us) Magazine   from AU$65.35

Chic Men Magazine is a brand new publication about models` street style wear. On sale at both the locations of Around THe World Fashion Publications. The Definitive Guide to men`s style and fashion....

Cielo (uk) Magazine from AU$126.33

Cielo (uk) Magazine   from AU$126.33

CIELO will be high quality international fashionmagazine launching out of Australia in January of thisyear. CIELO will cover all the usual fashion stories butwill also feature quality coverage of "behind thescenes" of fashion weeks from Milan to Paris andLondon. CIELO is a well known fashion brand in thePacific Rim specialising in eyewear and has excellentcontacts within the fashion industry which will makethis magazine project a must have for anyoneinterested or working within the fashion industry. Eachissue will also carry exclusive interviews with famousfashion icons such as Valentino. To avoid any delays toits cutting edge fashion coverage copies will be printedin the UK....

Clam Magazine from AU$39.16

Clam Magazine   from AU$39.16

CLAM Magazine is a unisex magazine whose goal is to promote creativity, concepts and ideas in fashion, architecture, music and design....