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Bluewater Boats & Sportsfishing Magazine from AU$74.95

Bluewater Boats & Sportsfishing Magazine   from AU$74.95

Australasia`s only dedicated game and sportsfishing magazine, BlueWater Boats and Sportsfishing is published six times a year. With all your favourite BlueWater writers and columnists, expanded features, sports and gamefishing boat tests and lots more from right across the Indo-Pacific region, this high quality, large format publication is a must-have for all keen sports and gamefishermen....

Fishing World Magazine from AU$90.00

Fishing World Magazine   from AU$90.00

Fishing World is Australia`s most respected fishing magazine and has been serving the needs of fishermen for more than 35 years and as Australia`s premier fishing magazine, has become known as the `sport fishing bible`.Fishing World is associated with many cutting edge angling developments including light tackle game fishing, jigging, lure fishing, fly fishing, small boat fishing and tropical sportfishing.Each month we provide a vast amount of practical information on the latest tackle, fishing boats, accessories and techniques, and `hands-on` data on popular species around the country.Six times a year Fishing World includes a bonus Boat Fishing lift-out encompassing tests, reviews and information on the latest fishing boats, outboards and marine electronics. Boating related articles features heavily in our editorial formula, with more than 260 pages every year. Combined with the bimonthly additions of Boat Fishing, we cover more boating and associated product information than any other fishing-related publication....


Fishlife Magazine from AU$59.00

Fishlife Magazine   from AU$59.00

From first page to last, FishLife aims to capture the essence of recreational fishing. This is delivered through evocative images supported by concise and easy-to-understand writing.Our goal is to produce the best fishing magazine in Australia period! To deliver interesting and highly informative articles that are structured in a way that appeal to anglers of varying skill levels - from the novice, to those who would fish 24 hours a day if they could.Whether you own a boat or are shore-bound, well have articles to suit. Our writers are the cream of Australias recreational fishing communicators, including a number of female and upcoming youngsters that will complement the old salts and bring a freshness and new-age energy to the mix....

Flylife Magazine from AU$49.00

Flylife Magazine   from AU$49.00

FlyLife magazine brings you the very best fly fishing in Australia and New Zealand. Covering both fresh and salt water, each issue is packed with feature articles, regular columns, short stories, letters and photography that has to be seen to be believed. High quality, 96 page, perfect bound. FlyLife is published quarterly in the first week of March, June, September and December (coinciding with the seasons). Please note that subscriptions ordered from isubscribe will begin with the NEXT issue - this may be a couple of months away. Send a separate email to [email protected] if you would like the subscription to begin with the CURRENT issue - please quote your iSubscribe order number....

Modern Fishing Magazine from AU$72.00

Modern Fishing Magazine   from AU$72.00

Youll catch more if you read Modern Fishing Magazine. Modern Fishing magazine has been Australias most respected fishing magazine since 1969, providing Aussie anglers with trusted information on the latest lure, bait and fly fishing techniques. Modern Fishing covers a range of hot destinations, popular fish species, tackle advice and pro tips on every style of fishing including estuary, reef, inshore, offshore, freshwater, saltwater, lake, river, stream, beach, boat, jetty and heaps more! Modern Fishing also includes monthly columns covering rigs, cooking seafood, canoe and kayak fishing, fly fishing, gamefishing, finesse fishing and rod building. Fishing boat tests and boating tips are also included each month, plus all the latest tackle releases and fishing news. Catch more in Modern Fishing!...

The Fishing Dvd Magazine from AU$60.00

The Fishing Dvd Magazine   from AU$60.00

The Ultimate Fishing Magazine on DVD!Reading a great fishing magazine can sometimes be the next best thing to actually going fishing but heres something even BETTER than a printed magazine!The Fishing DVD is jam-packed with action, information, tips, destinations and product reviews and you dont have to read it! In just over two hours of spectacular, high-definition vision, this broadcast-quality DVD Magazine brings it all to your lounge room, den, holiday house, office or laptop computer whenever or wherever YOU choose to view! Watch it all, from start to finish, or choose the stories or segments you like most, then view them over and over, at your leisure. Re-wind, slow motion, freeze frame and fast-forward to all the juicy bits . THIS is the future of fishing magazines, and its now released four times a year, to co-incide with the changing fishing seasons.The FISHING DVD is an exciting and innovative concept, effectively a specialist magazine on DVD! New DVDs are released 4 times a year, in March, June, September and December. Each two-hour volume of The FISHING DVD contains five major feature stories show-casing a wide range of popular fishing techniques and locations. The emphasis in these action-packed segments is on educating and informing, while also entertaining.The stories on The Fishing DVD #30 include:PERMIT - The Ultimate Fly ChallengeMT ISA - The Inland FisheryHYDROWAVE BARRA Hot ActionBASS Dams and OverflowsCAMP ISLAND Swim Baits for Spanish MackerelSYDNEY FISHING Burley and BaitYAMAHA: New F200 MotorDAIWA: Drag Maintenance...