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Asset Magazine from AU$79.00

Asset Magazine   from AU$79.00

Written for accountants, planners and brokers, Asset is the ideal source of up to date industry information for finance professionals offering news andopinions from leading brokers, accountants and professional planners, ideas and innovations from around the globe, as well as depth analysis from Asset`s highly experienced financial and business writers....

Financial Review Smart Investor Magazine from AU$85.00

Financial Review Smart Investor Magazine   from AU$85.00

Smart Investor magazine is Australias leading investment title.The monthly magazine has become an indispensable tool for active Australian investors seeking to build wealth and attain financial security.Written by team of financial experts from Financial Review Group, the magazine offers unbiased analysis of investment options in all asset classes, including shares, property and managed funds.Smart Investor also carries a wealth of easy-to-understand information on cutting-edge strategies around such issues as superannuation, taxation and asset allocation.PLUS, your magazine subscription gives you access to subscriber only content and archives on the Financial Review Smart Investor website www.afrsmartinvestor.comWe are currently offering a 1 year subscription to Smart Investor for just $85 (12 issues) a saving of $10 off newsstand price, or a 2 year subscription of $155 (24 issues), a saving of $35 off newsstand price.So subscribe now and take control of your finances and investments!...


Leyland Lines Magazine from AU$200.00

Leyland Lines Magazine   from AU$200.00

Leyland Lines is the monthly newsletter of Leyland Private Asset Management, written in a format that all investors can understand. Focussing on a value approach to investing, readers of Leyland Lines receive insightful and thoughtful analysis into the current state of the Australian share market, along with commentary on listed companies and other information which is vital for the value investor....

Money Magazine from AU$59.95

Money Magazine   from AU$59.95

Money magazine helps you manage your finances by cutting through the jargon to deliver clear and precise information. Each issue, youll enjoy credible, well-researched reports and expert advice from Australias most respected financial writers including Paul Clitheroe and Ross Greenwood. Subscribe now for great financial tips delivered to your door each month PLUS enjoy savings off the current newsstand price.PLEASE NOTE: Retail issue cover gifts will not be sent to subscribers....

Money Management Magazine from AU$199.00

Money Management Magazine   from AU$199.00

Money Management is the market leading independent newspaper for the retail financial services industry. Launched in 1987, it continues to be the "bible" of personal investment professionals, and is the medium within which fund managers communicate to the financial advisory market. Delivered weekly, Money Management provides accurate and informative editorial coverage on finance and investment topics including: life insurance, taxation, banking, pensions and mortgages, property investments, managed funds, shares, financial planning and advisory services, technology for retail financial services, international markets, equities, superannuation, risk and master funds....

The Monthly Magazine from AU$74.95

The Monthly Magazine   from AU$74.95

At last! An independent, intelligent Australian magazine.The Monthly contains first-rate reportage on politics, society and culture for people who love to read insightful and elegantly presented pieces.It features a host of Australias best writers, including Robert Manne, Chloe Hooper, Craig Sherborne, Richard Flanagan, Helen Garner, Gideon Haigh, Judith Brett, Robert Forster and Luke Davies.Content includes essays of 1500 to 8000 words that traverse politics, investigations, profiles, global affairs, media and society, plus the pick of Australian culture: books, films, music, theatre, fashion, festivals, visual art and architecture....

The Strategic Super Investor Magazine from AU$32.95

The Strategic Super Investor Magazine   from AU$32.95

The Strategic Super Investor is a national quarterly magazine for investors, those who manage their own superannuation and professionals in the SMSF industry.The core content is quality finance journalism from the likes of Bruce Brammall, James Brooks, Gillian Bullock, Alexandra Cain, James Dunn and Max Newnham. For advisors, must-know tips are contributed by SPAA-accredited specialists.The Strategic Super Investor provides you with a digest of timely features, current happenings and updates to enable you to make informed decisions on all aspects of managing a SMSF. Offering you a longer perspective than daily, weekly or monthly, with features, columns and statistics to cover all the essential elements of successfully self-managing super: masterminding investment strategies: asset allocations; stocks and shares outlook; property market trends and hot spots; collectables management; the best fixed-interest returns; potential investment options seeking help: tips on securing loans; finding professional advice managing legal and taxation requirements: legal and audit services; insurance; ATO rulings and test cases; changes in legislation keeping up to date: seminar and expo calendar, book reviews...

Your Trading Edge Magazine from AU$49.95

Your Trading Edge Magazine   from AU$49.95

YourTradingEdge (YTE) is the definitive bi-monthly publication for traders and active investors in CFDs, stocks, options, futures, forex and commodities.Our educational articles encompass everything from useful trading strategies to up-to-date market analysis and commentary on timely topics that are guaranteed to be of interest to the serious trader....