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Art Almanac The Australian Gallery Guide Magazine from AU$49.00

Art Almanac The Australian Gallery Guide Magazine   from AU$49.00

April 2012 issue is out now.Art Almanac is a monthly art gallery guide that is current, accurate and comprehensive.Content includes listings of hundreds of art galleries, their current exhibitions, an artists` index, gallery maps and artist profiles.Over 2, 000 exhibiting artists in every issueAn annual subscription to Art Almanac will bring the whole Australian art world home, making it the ideal gift for friends or relatives interested in arts, and being monthly you`ll give a present 11 times a year, not just once.Cover artwork:Dane Lovett, Cosmos Vessel, 2012, acrylic on canvas, 214 x 153cm.Courtesy of the artist and Sullivan+Strumpf Fine Art, Sydney....

Art Guide Australia Magazine from AU$30.00

Art Guide Australia Magazine   from AU$30.00

Art Guide is a comprehensive and engaging guide to the visual arts in Australia. Providing information about exhibitions, artists and galleries nationally, it is the essential tool for keeping up-to-date with what`s on....


Artillery Magazine from AU$29.46

Artillery Magazine   from AU$29.46


Australian Art Collector Magazine from AU$55.85

Australian Art Collector Magazine   from AU$55.85

Australian Art Collector is the only magazine for art collectors. Each issue profiles our top artists, collectors and dealers and is filled with informative articles on collecting Australian contemporary and Aboriginal art. You`ll also find authoritative reports on news and issues in the art world. It`s a great gift idea for anyone who`s interested in art....

Australian How To Paint Magazine from AU$19.95

Australian How To Paint Magazine   from AU$19.95

Australian How To Paint magazine chooses a topic or style of art each issue and gives you a comprehensive guide for you to develop your skills. Over the series we will cover all major painting technques plus popular paint ideas....

Capricious Magazine from AU$50.06

Capricious Magazine   from AU$50.06

CAPRICIOUS is biannual publication dedicated to showcasing emerging fine art photography. Its contributors and subject matter span the globe and it is comprised almost entirely of images. It collaborated with guests editors and choose a new theme for each edition, so the material is never lacklustre.It has an affinity of things like animals, androgyny, opposition, reclaimed life, lust natural as well as urban life....

Eyeline Magazine from AU$30.00

Eyeline Magazine   from AU$30.00

Eyeline is a leading Australian art magazine which publishes criticism and analysis of the contemporary visual arts, craft and related media. It is recognised for the quality of its writing, ideas and visual style, its extensive coverage and wide readership. In a unique content mix, Eyeline brings together exhibition and book reviews, artist interviews and monographs, specialist columns and researched articles on the ideas and issues which are shaping the arts today. Eyeline covers events and exhibitions throughout Australia, the Asia-Pacific and internationally and is an essential source of information and ideas to all those interested in what`s new and what`s happening in the visual arts....

Monster Children Magazine from AU$60.00

Monster Children Magazine   from AU$60.00

First and foremost, Monster Children magazine does not suck. Youve probably looked at a few other magazines before you stumbled across us, and Im here to tell you that all those other magazines are complete crud. Dont buy them. Youll only wind up with a vicious case of PPD (Post Purchase Dissonance), and, as we all know, its a slippery slope from making a bad purchase to giving oral pleasure in an alleyway in exchange for a bag of chips.Monster Children comes out four times a year. We also publish a photographic annual (so thats five issues per year). Monster Children has been around since 2003. We feature people like Spike Jonze, Ari Marcopoulos, Ryan McGinley, Dylan Rieder, Stephanie Gilmore, etc, etc, etc. Too many awesome people to mention.Monster Children is a unique publication in that it isnt loaded with fawning interviews and profiles, or crappy pictures of people being boring. Monster Children is the best thing that ever happened to you. Buy it now....

Screen Education Magazine from AU$100.00

Screen Education Magazine   from AU$100.00

Screen Education is a joint venture between the Australian Teachers of Media and Screen Australia.Screen Education is a quarterly magazine written by and for teachers and students in primary and secondary schools in all curriculum areas, as well as some areas of tertiary study. The magazine also publishes articles by educators, scholars and critics.The magazine builds on many decades of experience of ATOM and Screen Australia in delivering screen literacy programs for teachers and students. Firmly grounded in both theory and practice, the magazine brings more awareness about the diversity and complex character of the moving image, simultaneously promoting the joy of learning and an appreciation of screen culture.The magazine includes practical classroom ideas, lesson plans and activities along with essays, study guides, updates on new technology, and book and DVD reviews....

Textile Fibre Forum Magazine from AU$35.00

Textile Fibre Forum Magazine   from AU$35.00

Textile Fibre Forum is the Australian magazine for fibre arts. It takes an in depth look at artists, exhibitions plus new techniques and innovations relating to textiles, plant matter (including paper) and manufactured materials. It has a strong focus on Australian artists and contemporary textiles, with articles from specialist contributors in each issue. It showcases talent and individuality, while promoting ongoing education, events, exhibitions and resources....