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Safe online shopping starts here


All sites in the Shopsafe Group, apart from, are owned and operated by ShopSafe Pty Ltd TA The ShopSafe Trust. In Australia, was launched as a local service in July 1998 and relaunched as a multi-site global service in 2002 with cooperation and assistance from ShopSafe UK. has been on the web since 1998 serving both the UK and Australia. In early 2003, a transition was begun to move the focus of to serve consumers in the USA. was launched in October 2003 to serve consumers in New Zealand.


ShopSafe is a consumer guide for online shoppers. It is a shopping directory that lists only well designed secure online shops and stores. When examining a site for inclusion into the ShopSafe directory we look for:

  • Online ordering and security of credit card payment transactions.
  • Delivery prices and information that is clearly displayed.
  • A wide range of products, suitable for "high street" consumers.
  • Sites that are based in locally (and display local contact details) and deliver locally.
  • Prominent display of customer service information.
  • Good design, making the site quick to load and easy to use.
  • A Privacy Policy


We've searched the web for the best in well designed secure online shops and stores. We've checked their security, delivery, range of goods, prices and more, and have over 9000 listed worldwide. If you want to shop online in safety, then ShopSafe might be useful to you.

For more information in Australia please call:
Jim Munro (head reviewer) on 0755 999999,
Angela Munro (company secretary) on 0755 999999,
or email

shop online australia
shop online australia