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Bath Toy Rub-a-dub-tub from: AU$34.90

Bath Toy Rub-a-dub-tub from: AU$34.90

Click to see a 400X400 pixel image of Bath Toy Rub-a-dub-tub from Send A Toy.

Ambi Toys
Bath Toy Rub-a-dub-tub Description: This versatile bath toy incorporates a myriad of activities to keep kids entertained during bath time. Immerse the `tub` in water and the three friendly sailors pop out. Remove the yellow flotation rim and it can be used as a water shower. Remove the sail and it can be used as a water scoop, while the mast doubles as a tub time whistle. etc.

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Look Inside Spinning Top from: AU$47.90

Look Inside Spinning Top from: AU$47.90

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Look Inside Spinning Top Description: This magical Look Inside Seaside Spinning Top is a fascinating toy that will have young kids mesmerised. As you move the plunger up and down the outside of the top spins whilst, on the inside, the gulls fly, the sail boats sail and the dolphin swims! To add to all the excitement, children will hear familiar sounds of the seaside! This top makes a fascinating toy for adults to show children 12 months and over. etc.

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Magic Table from: AU$56.90

Magic Table from: AU$56.90

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Janod Wooden Toys
Magic Table Description: A unique, multipurpose toy that is a white board, magnetic drawing board, chalk board and magnetic board all in one! All beautifully framed in wood and with its own carry handle, making it great for kids on the go. Set comes complete with chalk, blackboard eraser and 40 alpha and numeric wooden magnetic pieces. etc.

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Hollow Building Blocks from: AU$59.90

Hollow Building Blocks from: AU$59.90

Click to see a 283X252 pixel image of Hollow Building Blocks from Send A Toy.

Plan Toys
Hollow Building Blocks Description: Beautifully crafted wooden building blocks, crafted from preservative free organic rubber wood with a natural finish. Unlike regular building blocks, this unique set is hollow allowing children to construct countless forms and designs. The set is also ideal for shape recognition as children join blocks together to form additional shapes including circles, diamonds and rectangles. etc.

>>>Read More about the "Hollow Building Blocks" on the Send A Toy Website.

Tiger Wheely Bug - Large from: AU$110.00

Tiger Wheely Bug - Large from: AU$110.00

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Wheely Bug
Tiger Wheely Bug - Large Description: Kids will adore this popular Wheely Bug ride-on toy. The Wheelybug Tiger can zoom backwards, forwards, sideways, round and round and kids love them! Ride them, push them, pull then or just cuddle them. Designed in Australia, the fabulous Wheely Bug ride-on toy has been developed to encourage gross motor skills whilst having plenty of WHEEEEEELY good fun! Crafted from quality materials with omni directional castor`s and unlimited mobility. etc.

>>>Read More about the "Tiger Wheely Bug - Large" on the Send A Toy Website.

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